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How to Plan a Remodel

When is a good time to start seriously considering that kitchen remodel you’ve been putting off? Could that neglected spare bedroom serve you better as a large primary bath expansion? How and when should you start the remodeling process? We’ve got answers for you!

Like any major change, remodeling is a journey. And it’s a challenging one, yet can be so rewarding for your family. We recommend following a defined process and timeline to make that journey easier. Having professionals you can trust to guide you through each step is also important. That’s why we’re here. Our team put together a to-do list that you can follow to get started.

Take Inventory

It’s time to clean house! Examine what you truly use and want to keep in your space after it’s remodeled. Taking inventory also helps you figure out which household items need specific storage. For example, with a kitchen remodel, if you cook often with a cabinet full of spices, perhaps including a spice pull-out cabinet would add functionality and save you room. It’s important to remember that a space can be completely customized to your needs.

Do Your Research

Before starting the project, it’s so imperative to have a plan. Start by perusing Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and elsewhere to see what attracts you. They are definitely worth a look, but don’t just dwell on them. Dig a little deeper. Once you’ve saved an ideabook, you’ll likely find common themes that help you decide what look and features you desire.

Form a Realistic Budget

This is the toughest part. There are so many variables that it’s difficult to know exactly what to plan for. Size and type of desired materials, quality level of products, extent of layout changes, and customization all matter to the end cost. Research suggests that a kitchen or primary bath remodel should cost roughly 10-15% of your home’s value, on average. This might be shocking. But remodeling your kitchen or primary bathroom will drastically improve your daily life and has the highest return on investment. Talking to a design professional about your specific project needs will help you form a more accurate budget.

Hire Professionals

Our team has managed many remodeling projects, and we see first-hand how stressful renovations can be for individuals and families. It’s especially important to have someone experienced to guide you through all the decisions necessary for project completion. We take pride in helping you with the planning, budgeting, recommending contractors, and providing materials. Our design process includes everything from drafting floor plans, cabinetry layouts, and elevations, to working with you on selections, ordering and receiving materials, working with your contractor to ensure our vision is executed as planned, and final styling and furnishings placement.

We maintain a large library of offerings that we’ve curated over the years and built relationships with our own vetted suppliers and vendors. Products that we offer range in price, lead time, and style; and we work diligently to match the products that best fit your style, deadline, and budget. No need to run from showroom to showroom; we have everything you need here in our studio showroom.

Timeline Expectations

When considering a remodel, your timeline is always important. Our typical design phase is 6-8 weeks. This allows for site measures, design meetings, revisions, and estimating. Once a contract is signed, materials are ordered. Custom cabinetry takes roughly 5-7 weeks to arrive. In our experience, most contractors prefer to wait to start a project until the cabinetry arrives to avoid long lag times where your home is a construction zone.

From there, the construction phase is typically 7-8 weeks for a kitchen, or 5-6 weeks for a bathroom. That said, there can be delays due to permitting, unforeseeable obstacles or outside influences (e.g., a global pandemic!). So, if your goal is a stunning kitchen that will wow your Thanksgiving guests, an ideal time to start the planning process would be in summer.

Stephanie Palm is National Kitchen & Bath Association certified and loves to help you with technical aspects of design. She’s responsible for fulfillment of logistics that keep your project running smoothly. I’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve read this far, we thank you for stopping by. Does your home have design quirks that you just can’t seem to solve? If you’ve been thinking about a remodel, let’s discuss the possibilities.


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