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Kitchen Remodel Reveal in Chapel Hill
Residential Interior Design

Kitchen Remodel Reveal in Chapel Hill

An ongoing relationship with a cherished client led to this kitchen remodeling project on Kenmore Road in Chapel Hill. We first met this couple virtually in 2020 during peak Covid lockdown. They had just purchased a mid-century residence with dated interiors but lovely bones. Revisit that project reveal here, as you can see how we […]

Rima Nasser kids bedroom interior design
Design Insights | Residential Interior Design

Designing Small Spaces & Specialty Nooks

Designing small spaces and specialty nooks can make a big impact and improve functionality. Using space more appropriately opens new possibilities previously only considered for larger rooms. Every client’s needs are different, so it helps to hire an interior designer to devise creative ways to transform your home’s quirky nooks. Designing small spaces in stairways […]

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Tips From Residential Interior Designers to Personalize Your Space

Identifying your unique style is crucial in transforming your home into a personalized space. These tips from our residential interior designers help you to explore your preferences and consider how your lifestyle and aesthetic tastes blend. Remember to prioritize comfort and functionality alongside aesthetics. Let your favorite colors set the mood of your space. This […]

Dining room design update_Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Home Design Update

In the summer of 2023, an area family realized that their Chapel Hill home design needed a thorough update to help reflect their personal aesthetic. TEW Design Studio stepped in to design a cohesive concept that married their personal tastes with the home’s overall style. Read the project reveal below, and view even more photos […]

Designing rooms for kids - TEW Design Studio
Design Insights

Designing Rooms for Kids

When designing rooms for kids, it’s important to remember how active they can get. For this family in Raleigh, N.C., their two boys had outgrown the ‘style’ of their rooms and needed much more storage and FUN-ctional space for schoolwork and friends. Along the way, we updated the shared bathroom and family room to make […]

Consider Helping Evacuate Injured Children in Gaza

Consider Helping Evacuate Injured Children in Gaza

We have been coordinating with an organization that is helping to evacuate injured children and women out of Gaza to get the medical treatment they so desperately need. Earlier this year, we helped support a family that escaped Gaza to resettle in Washington, D.C. We’re thrilled to report that the family is doing well, and […]

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