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Designing Small Spaces & Specialty Nooks

Designing small spaces and specialty nooks can make a big impact and improve functionality. Using space more appropriately opens new possibilities previously only considered for larger rooms. Every client’s needs are different, so it helps to hire an interior designer to devise creative ways to transform your home’s quirky nooks.

Designing small spaces in stairways

We start our tour of nooks with this Chapel Hill home. It featured an empty bench in the landing as guests ventured up the stairs. It was not very inviting but had great lighting. Since the homeowners love to read, we used the space to highlight favorite books. By adding beautiful custom walnut shelves and painting the existing bench to draw your eye in, this cozy nook became a stylish place to enjoy reading.

Transitioning a mud room to a dog room

This North Carolina family didn’t have much need for a traditional mudroom. Their built-in bench and hooks didn’t offer much functionality. However, they did need a place for their large dog crate, dog toys, treats, and other accessories. Our solution was to design custom built-ins around the dog crate, with shelves for better storage. The cutest canine hooks add perfect finishing touches. See more from this project.

Designing a window bench for a small space

A small table and chairs served as a placeholder for an otherwise unremarkable breakfast nook. After careful consideration with the homeowners, they wanted a more functional design that worked for their family’s needs.

A built-in floating window bench became the perfect spot for their toddler to hang out during meal preparation in the kitchen. Space underneath is used for storage, with a small cabinet concealing the dog bowls and food. As a result, the kitchen’s flow was improved in front of the back door to keep things clean and more organized.

Should the family decide at any point that they need a table, it can easily be added. The space was finished off with a new pendant light, pillows, and a runner to create a comfortable spot.

Creating a kids corner for reading

This home office-gym in Raleigh was transformed into a child’s room, taking advantage of the small, quirky corners. It became the perfect reading nook with wall shelves for book storage. Floor cushions and custom curtains enclose this corner as a comfortable spot to dive into a world of imagination. See more from this project.

Designing a craft room

In this Cary home, a small room adjacent to the playroom was previously used for random storage. Homeowners wanted space for crafts with ample storage and a place to read. We customized a built-in bookcase wall featuring a muted green to unify architectural elements and establish a serene backdrop. This custom desk was designed with intricate leg details to provide the perfect craft corner.

Does your home have quirky nooks and crannies that go unused? Designing small spaces requires thoughtful consideration to put it to better use. When you’re ready, let’s talk about your needs.

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