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Transforming Your Space to Meet Your Needs

TEW Design Studio offers a fresh approach to interior designing in Raleigh for residential and commercial spaces. We help our clients form distinctive interiors that meet their unique needs and desire for intricate detail. Our services are tailored to fit each client’s project. We work one-on-one with homeowners and within teams that may include general contractors, luxury custom homebuilders, architects and more. Our goal is to elevate your space to create visually impactful design that make your space uniquely you.

With Raleigh families spending more time working from home, residential interior design has taken on increased importance. Comfort and entertainment align with functionality to establish priorities as our lifestyles have changed in recent years.

Commercial interior design also places importance on functionality and efficiency. Providing a good experience where customers feel comfortable coincides with a workplace where employees can be creative and enjoy success. Good interior design is most notable in retail, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes and municipal spaces.

Creating a sense of place that’s inviting, safe, visually appealing and efficient takes priority both in residential space and in a home away from home for employees and customers. TEW Design Studio offers expertise in helping you define that special place for gathering and entertainment, with visually appealing designs and furnishings that inspire.

TEW Design Studio Team in Raleigh NC

The Residential Interior Designer Process

How TEW Design Studio transforms your home in Raleigh

Our residential interior designers listen closely to your ideas. We then create design concepts that integrate those ideas into the most functional and attractive interiors representing your family’s personality. We provide access to mood boards and digital layouts so you can fully visualize your home’s potential.

Every corner and every niche is important to achieve your desired living space. A personalized color palette is developed for your project so that furnishings, accessories and materials work in unity. High-traffic areas are illuminated with appealing fixtures to create a visually inspiring and cohesive space that dramatically changes the appearance of your home and makes it a more livable.

TEW interior design award for a design of a Room in Raleigh NC

The Commercial Interior Design Firm Process

How TEW Design Studio transforms your business in Raleigh

Our commercial interior designers bring new ideas to life while designing commercial projects for businesses and other organizations. We identify design strategies for retail, office and other commercial space in order to provide the most functional and attractive interior that conveys your desired brand.

Achieving your desired brand atmosphere takes priority to evoke emotions and create a sense of place. Exceptional materials and furnishings integrate within workplace surroundings to create a sensible flow that’s visually inspiring. A well-designed and unified space, masterfully created by a Raleigh interior designer, can transform your business into an efficient workspace and an appealing social venue.

Commercial interior design by TEW in Raleigh

Phases of Interior Design

Project Designs

In the first phase, once our team has gathered key information for your project, we present drawings and schematics that detail all design activity. Upon approval, we then begin to specify furniture, fixtures, mechanical and other elements within the space. Drawings are also a starting point for the process of selecting materials and finishes for your space. We work closely with you to create a strategic plan for each phase of design and construction.

Project Development

Our interior designer in Raleigh will make sure all applicable construction requirements are met and incorporated into each phase. We work with you throughout the process. At each stage where approvals are necessary, we walk you through design decisions, making necessary adjustments to ensure your needs are met. Our goal is to minimize disruptions to your routine. We want you to be captivated by the results so you fall in love with your space.

Elevating Your Space

TEW Design Studio takes pride in our attention to detail during each stage of the process. From initial concepts to final design, you will be an integral contributor for feedback and approvals. All material requisitions will be managed by a professional team so that delivery and installation is seamless. Once your project is complete and all furniture has been installed, you’ll enjoy seeing your vision become a reality.


Does TEW Design Studio work with architects & general contractors?

Yes, we often work in cooperation with architects and general contractors. Sometimes home and business owners will approach us to handle their interior design and need recommendations for remodelers and contractors. As a full-service interior design firm, we also partner with architects to deliver top creativity with exceptional value.

We seamlessly mesh with various teams in the process to offer professional consulting services, space planning, and interior design for residential remodeling, luxury custom home building, plus commercial design for salons, restaurants, offices, and so forth.

Our willingness to work with both commercial and residential contractors, architects and real estate brokers who know Raleigh and Wake County enables us to serve as a trusted partner who provides outstanding client service.

TEW Design Studio is Raleigh’s Master Design Award-Winner

We understand that interior design plays a key role in happiness, relaxation and productivity. Our design team has expertise in spaces of all types with a successful track record of creating award-winning designs in Raleigh and Durham Wake County, and the Triangle community.

Every client has distinctive design needs that represent its style, brand and personality. We know the importance you place in your space and will translate your vision into distinctive interior designs that marry form with function.

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