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Why Design Is More Important Now Than Ever

Our homes have never meant so much to us as they do today. They’ve become our shelter, our office, our school, our gym, our entertainment space, our sanctuary and much more. From cooking in the kitchen to home schooling, a well-designed space helps families integrate their daily lives to the all-new demands placed on home.


Since our living space has become our everything space, many of us have never had to think about how to make home function for so many needs – oftentimes taking place at one time.

Your home can adjust to meet those new, everyday needs. Having specific goals in mind will help reduce stress and clutter, while increasing productivity and improving your mood. There’s no better return on investment than our mental health! So, here are a few investments that dramatically improve our daily lives:

Layering & Lighting Matters – Working from home has its own set of challenges, but focusing on layering lighting, comfort, and positioning your work station near a natural light source can help elevate your workflow.


Layering with natural & luminous lighting makes workspaces more comfortable.


Kids’ Creativity – Design a fun area that has storage solutions to help contain clutter, yet give kids the space to be creative rather than confined. The remarkable demands on children today can be balanced with creative space designed to fuel positivity.


Quiet Corners – Finding a quiet corner that’s dedicated to meditation, reading, or journaling is ideal to help maintain a healthy mood. Give yourself a corner to be alone and take a mental break from all the chaos. This could be a cozy chair near a window or your favorite piece of art, a soaking tub, or simply a yoga mat.

The Kitchen Triangle – Finding your kitchen’s ideal work triangle can be life-changing. There are three main zones: Prep, cook, and clean. Having these three work together harmoniously can make your meal preparation and daily living much more enjoyable.


We’d love to help you rethink your “everything” space to create a more uplifting and visually inspiring home. Thankfully, we’re able to meet with clients virtually, and this is a great time to start the process.

Our typical design phase takes 6-8 weeks from initial consultation to final design contract. We work on layout discussions and revisions, elevations, concept boards, material selections, etc. All of which can be done virtually. When needed, we’ve been mailing fabric and cabinet samples directly to our clients’ homes for their review and approval. Once the final design is approved, we start the ordering process as well as scheduling necessary teams (painters, wallpaper installers, electricians, etc.).

From concept to reality (click to enlarge).

With custom cabinetry and furniture, the lead times vary between 8-10 weeks. Once we know estimated arrival dates, we schedule your installation day! The TEWcrew arrives that day to ensure your space is as we designed. It’s a fun and busy day and also includes removal of any leftover materials and rubbish to leave your space in perfect condition. Then it’s time for you to relax and enjoy your new, beautiful space.

If being at home more has magnified your need for change, we’d be honored to work with you. Reach us thru email or by phone: (919) 803-2008.

You may also visit our TEW Online Shop where 10% of proceeds benefit the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund.

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