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Personal Touches At Home Show Your Personality

What words come to mind when you think of home? Comfort. Family. Retreat. Safety. Just to name a few. Our homes are where we can truly relax and spend quality time with friends and family. And yet, it can feel daunting to attempt to design your home to reflect who you are and your personal journey.

We love to celebrate unique experiences; that diversity is what makes you, you! We enjoy incorporating family heirlooms, travel keepsakes, cultural artifacts and sentimental moments throughout your space.

Something Old, Something New

Our clients received this beautiful hutch below as a wedding present that represented so much sentimental value for them. We refinished it and made sure to include it in this playful dining room. This special piece has many more family gatherings ahead of it! See this project. >>


Telling Your Story

We loved creating this gallery space for family photos. Adding dark wallpaper helps the white frames draw attention and tell the family’s story. Using black and white photos unified the collection to make it feel timeless and cohesive. See this project. >>


Don’t Forget Your Workplace

Even commercial spaces can showcase personal touches. Asali Desserts & Café serves as a great example. We created a custom focal point featuring a traditional Palestinian embroidery pattern – a nod to the owners’ heritage.


At Mint Leaf Dentistry, we made sure to place this prosperity piece at the entrance for patients to see and enjoy. Dr. Gandhi acquired it during a recent trip to India. Celebrating culture in your business can give customers a look into your authentic story.

Creating Space for You

Does your home have a formal dining room, but you rarely host large dinner parties? Consider transforming it into more functional space that can better serve your needs.

Envision the room as a home office, a craft room, a music room, or a media room to name a few. It’s important to optimize your home to support your family’s needs. Challenge those traditional roles these spaces are typically used for. This project can inspire you. >>


What makes a space uniquely yours? It’s simple enough to replicate your neighbors’ designs, or something you saw online. Yet, we love to challenge our clients to think outside the box and create a space that they’re proud of. One that’s authentic to who they are. Let us help you envision the possibilities for your next project.

Contact us today to start your design journey! >>

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