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TEW Design Studio Bathroom


The interior redesign of this space included a child’s bedroom and two bathrooms. Inspired by the youth’s love of color, we selected unique tile patterns for the tub surround to create an exciting focal point. We supplemented the look with pops of color throughout to give a playful whimsy. As you can see from the “before” photo below, the bathroom suffered from dated cabinetry and dark neutrals, which did not embody the child’s personality.

The second bathroom featured an intricate glass tile shower insert to create a delightful room feature. Classic design with color pops throughout carried over into the bedroom.

We also helped connect a separate, unfinished attic to the rest of the house and finished all 660 square feet. We created an extra bedroom, bathroom, and office, as well as redesigned the existing connecting floor to create a hallway. In the process, we added storage linen cabinets and completely remodeled the bathroom.

After construction was completed, we styled the bathrooms and added furniture to the bedrooms, as well as created new floorplan layouts for the first and basement floors for future renovations.