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Rima Appears on Floorily’s “Design Time” with Lindsay Wilson

Our very own Rima Nasser recently appeared on an episode of Design Time: From the Floor Up. You can find her full episode “To Elevate Within” on YouTube or in the excerpt below. This is a really insightful episode talking about the importance of interior design for your home or business.

Host Lindsay the Stager interviews Rima about her own home renovations, recent commercial projects, and how Rima’s Palestinian heritage has influenced her design aesthetic. She also discusses how we arrived at “To Elevate Within” for “TEW” Design Studio.

“We want to know about you, what’s important to your business, and what are your values.”

“It’s not about ‘favorite colors’, we don’t even ask that. We dig deep into the goals of the business, so design can help attract your ideal client.”
Rima Nasser
TEW Design Studio

Watch the episode above and be on the lookout for various highlights about Samuel Cole, Asali Café and others on social media. You can follow Floorily and their Design Time podcasts on YouTube, as well as on your favorite social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Floorily offers high quality, designer-inspired and aesthetically-driven flooring. Through its Design Time series, Floorily aims to educate and entertain casual and professional viewers alike with fun and helpful interior design know-how. From flooring to paint colors to decorative accents, they explore a variety of topics through weekly featured guests in the industry.

As always, reach us here if you’d like to talk.

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