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Now This is a Guest Bathroom

With a monochromatic palette and touches of satin brass and geometric patterns, this guest bathroom received quite the makeover to give it a fresh, modern look.

Project Challenges

A first floor guest bathroom, this space was under-utilized by our client. She wanted her kids to use it when they came in from the pool, yet also wanted it to be fun and attractive for guests. They also loved to take baths but were overtaking her homeowner suite bathtub.

Since this was a client we had worked with previously to personalize various living areas, we were up to the task to make the guest bathroom more functional for the entire family.

BEFORE: The bathroom had common, yet unremarkable features.

New Features Add Personality

Since this was a relatively new house, we opted to keep the existing vanity and mirror. We updated and elevated the vanity with new paint, replaced the sink, the countertop and the cabinet hardware, and added a matching frame around the mirror. This is a great way to save on costs if your vanity is in good shape!

As you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun with the tile in this guest bathroom. The linear floor tile transitions beautifully to hexagon tile on the floor in front of the tub. We then added white hexagon tiles in the shower to give a fun design detail to bring the eye vertical.

By removing the wall bump-out, we were able to feature a large 66” soaking tub. We undermounted the tub for even more depth and added a matching quartz top from the vanity to elevate the tub surround.

Another item that makes this space is the special washlet seat. This works as a heated, self-sanitizing seat and built-in bidet — an added bonus during the toilet paper shortage throughout 2020.

Monochromatic Impact

Thanks to our ongoing relationship with this family, we felt confident the client would be up for pushing the envelope. Keeping the palette primarily monochromatic, we added splashes of satin brass with the light fixture, sink faucet and accessories. The art print and quirky planter add even more personality to the space and make this bathroom one of a kind.

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