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Curling Creek

A cross-country move into a much bigger, newly constructed residence created inherent challenges for this family of four. The homeowners had a great eye for design with unique furnishings, yet the home featured very little personality with its existing design.

They tasked TEW Design Studio to help bring it all together with planning and inspiration to push the design forward and achieve their dream home. Their love of bold, exciting color and funky unique pieces helped to create a theme for the space. Transforming a traditional southern residence into a more personalized home with dramatic design updates to the kitchen, living room, hallway and staircase, master bedroom and bath.

Kitchen updates included new lighting, tile and custom stools to add drama. The island was painted to add contrast and the backsplash was retiled with a three-dimensional geometric pattern and contemporary color. Shelf lighting in the butler’s pantry added drama to highlight the new wine refrigerator and bar.

The dining room makeover showcases the owners’ dramatic flair. High sheen glossy walls, painted ceilings, grand curtains and dramatic lighting fulfill their desire for a striking dining space. Custom-fabricated iron stair railings give the hallway a modern focal point. Commercial wallpaper wears nicely over time as the family’s young children grow.

Daring color carries over upstairs to create a master bedroom retreat, including a feature wall with painted trim and ceiling. Commissioned watercolors are situated in a grid, sized to the wall with upgraded lighting and more functional placement. This comprehensive redesign took place with minimal disturbances to the homeowners’ daily lives.

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