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Cary home remodel - TEW Design Studio

Follow Along On This Cary Home Remodel

See how we progress on this first floor remodel in the Regency Park Estates neighborhood of Cary, N.C. We’ve mentioned in the past how the interior design and home renovation process is a journey with many twists and turns.

It seems the moment one industry “catches up” on their supply crunch, a different industry struggles to meet demand. If it’s not lumber, it’s furniture. When furniture catches up, it’s decorative metal hardware. There will be challenges, but it can be navigated successfully with the right design partner while still having fun along the way.

We hope you enjoy this ongoing blog from one project, so you can see our timeline of activity. We started in January 2023 (beginning at the bottom) and update each phase with the latest photos.


Follow along with us for Install Day as we put the final touches on this Cary remodel. Scroll down to the very bottom to follow our timeline – from start to finish in five months! Below you can see our install team in action before our final reveal of the remodeling project and interior design results.

Cary home remodel - TEW Design Studio
May Install Day – Interior design starts with a plan

Furniture and styling installation took place over two days with a few final touches still to come. Our wonderful clients have been so excited to see everything come to life. This has been a significant transformation, and we’re pleased they now enjoy the home they’ve always wanted.

We’re so excited for the homeowners as they settle in to enjoy their remodeled home. Our final reveal is coming soon!


As May begins, this week we’re installing furniture and putting final touches on the Cary remodel that you’ve been following here. We started with these design concepts below a few months ago, powered through a major remodel, and here we are at the finish line.

Scroll through the design concepts below.


This week’s update in Cary includes showcasing the newly stained floors as well as additional rooms with wallpaper installed and completed. You can see below new additions of details such as lighting, cabinetry hardware and more. We’re excited to see our vision for the space reflected in these details.


This week’s update in Cary moves from the kitchen into the living room. We finished up much of the wallpaper installation and we’re thrilled. We also tested a few variations of floor stains and will move forward staining the entire downstairs beginning next week. Cabinet doors and hardware have arrived and are also scheduled once the floors are complete. See some of the latest updates below.


Progress continues! Doors and hardware are being added to the cabinetry. Painting throughout the residence is nearing completion. Kitchen tiling is in-progress as is a custom-designed built-in bookcase adjacent to the fireplace. Soon the focus will turn to flooring and detailing throughout.


As you can see, progress continues as the team has been busy painting throughout the residence. All cosmetic renovations from last month — from relocating lighting to drywall repair and more — are now behind us. As a result, the paint detailing for each room is nearing completion.

March 2023 – Kitchen painting complete

It’s interesting to note that we’re reusing former kitchen cabinetry in the laundry room overhaul. We’re excited to see the “heavy lifting” complete for each of the rooms in this residence. March will be an active month!


Kitchen cabinets have been installed! As you can see, the team is busy locating new ceiling lights throughout the space. These changes are underway, along with electric outlets, patching floor repairs, drywall repair and touch-ups, plus many more of the behind the scenes details. The space is really starting to come together.

Phase two – Floors & walls

Demo began in early January and now the half wall in the kitchen is built, drywall is up, flooring weaved in, and the first stage of prepping and painting walls is complete. Cabinet install coming soon.

Demo begins in january 2023

If at any point you want to discuss something you see in this project, or talk about your own, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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