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Durham Interior Makeover

This Durham residence needed some tender loving care to become the relaxing retreat the homeowners desired. We designed the living room and primary bedroom to feel more current and become more livable. Using an earth tone palette, we achieved a cohesive look that complements the homeowners’ personal style with a nod to the Bull City’s vibe.

Ample seating in the living room was important to the client, since they often enjoy entertaining friends and family. The challenge was to maximize seating without the space feeling cluttered and the furniture too bulky. The home’s limitations in this entry room offered a compact space, so it was important to use furniture with open legs and clean lines. The coffee table demonstrates this as a way to balance the scale of the room.


The homeowners love to host movie nights with friends, but it was important to them that the television not take center stage over the fireplace mantle. Our designs enabled the fireplace to serve as a focal point, though we hid the TV on a wall-mounted swivel arm that can be stored away when not in use. This arm also allows the family to swivel it toward the kitchen while they make breakfast. Not only does it solve the TV-as-a-focal-point problem, but it also provides more functionality.


In the primary bedroom, we created a feature wall by using a deep jungle green paint color to accentuate the back wall’s trim. By using natural materials such as the woven jute light fixture, we married the homeowners love for plants with textures found in nature to accompany furnishings and accessories.

Textiles throughout convey the clean lines established by more natural design. The rug, pillows and bedspread give the space subtle patterns to play together with the earth tones and clean lines of the trim. Wall-mounted lights with hidden wiring offer warm, ambient light for reading in bed.

Below you can see a few examples of the original spatial layout for the main entry room and primary bedroom before the interior makeover (click to enlarge).

Does your home consist of rooms like this that may require special attention, because they just aren’t functioning well for your family? Give yourself some relief and relaxation brought together by good design.

We’re happy to discuss our process to help you achieve your ideal home style and functionality! Reach out via email or by phone: 919.803.2008.

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