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8 Design Tips For A Cheerful Stay-at-Home

As recent global developments have placed an emphasis on how we interact with our living environment, perhaps never before have we truly appreciated the significance of home in our yearning for peace and comfort.

Our philosophy is that our most heavily used spaces can be uplifting and visually inspiring. It’s not always apparent that indoor environments have a deep impact on our moods and mental health.

For example, living in a cluttered home without storage solutions can be emotionally taxing; so can living in a residence without ample natural light.

To help ease the burdens on our current living experiences, I’ve come up with eight do-it-yourself ideas to lift our spirits. Each can be accomplished alone, or with the whole family.

Easy Home Design Updates You Can Do Today:
1. Restyle your bookshelf

Play with size and color balance here, and try groupings of three. Add your favorite artwork and photos, plus incorporate trinkets and plants with a unique vase from our online shop.

2. Swap out your throw pillows for spring

Go ahead, be daring and add a burst of color for those rainy days when the family’s cooped up indoors.

3. Set up a cozy corner for reading or meditation 

Natural lighting is key to finding that special space to be alone and take a mental break.

4. Paint your front door

What a difference this modest change can make to your mood when coming and going from your residence.

5. Declutter your bedroom

A tidy bedroom can be uplifting and relaxing at the same time! Start the day right by making the bed every morning – one thing we can all appreciate as the day closes.

6. Propagate a plant

Few things feel better than Mother Nature’s gift of nurturing life. The health benefits combine with pops of color and natural scent to make this a favorite pick-me-up. Shop our limited selection of vases for the perfect final touch.

7. Use decorative baskets

They look great and function as a useful way to store those difficult items to find a place for. We like them for storing throw blankets and pillows, dog toys, and kids’ toys.

8. Plan out a gallery wall

Do you have a large empty wall staring at you? How about a grand empty staircase? I suggest to see how much does heating repair cost and using cardboard pieces to map out your frames and art. Cut the cardboard to the size of your frames; use blue tape to place on the wall. Once you’re happy with the layout, get hanging!


Good luck with your next project! We hope you enjoy the results. In fact, we’d love to see what you come up with. Share your creations with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Plus, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if your extended stay at home these days has increased your family’s needs for improved space. We’d love to hear from you.

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