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Versatility is key when hiring for your upcoming remodeling or interior design project. What do we mean by this and why is being versatile so important for your project?

There’s a distinct difference between hiring a decorator versus an interior designer. An interior designer has extensive education and training that allows us to delve into every detail of floor plans, elevations, selections, functionality, and so forth. Whereas a decorator only focuses on surface details like paint and ornamentation. An experienced interior designer guides you through a remodeling project from start to finish. Helping you with everything from space planning to cabinetry to lighting fixtures as well as the furnishings and finishing touches.


You might be surprised to learn what the most important thing we consider when redesigning a kitchen or bathroom. The answer: your home’s entire floor plan.

If we remove a wall, what will that do to the furniture layout in the adjoining room? If we expand a space, where will the floor space come from? Design with intention is imperative for maximizing the best use of your space. Making sure each space flows both functionally and creatively allows rooms to work together as one continuous design story. Helping you tell your home’s personal story is what we do best.



When looking at a design project, thinking about where to start and stop can be daunting. We love to work with our clients to transform each of their spaces so that their home feels cohesive and flows from room-to-room effortlessly. Some of families work with us in phases as an entire home design is not always financially or time-feasible. We can design everything at once and let the client decide which rooms they’d like to start with, or we can design in phases. We adapt to either preference and guarantee your home will feel harmonious regardless of the design process structure!



Not only does your floor plan benefit from working with a designer who will see the bigger picture, but your wallet does too.

We source materials for home renovations as well as interior/exterior furnishings projects. This creates built-in efficiencies that save you time and money since you’re working with one design team to acquire all the products and materials that you’ll need. One design resource with a unified vision. One team you can trust as your design advocate for quality control, timeliness and budget stewardship.

Rather than having to drive from showroom to showroom, we maintain a library of everything from cabinet doors to fabric samples at our studio. Imagine the stress relief. It takes the burden off of our clients when they know that we’re handling their project’s details from beginning to end.


Hiring a versatile designer that has the skillset to not only tackle a kitchen cabinet layout, but also knows the impact that configuration has on each room, pays off in dividends. Whether it’s working with you to select the best sectional for your family’s needs, or finishing off that newly added nursery, know that your project is in good hands.



Instead of your needing to build separate relationships with a cabinet dealer, a tile and flooring representative, a stone surfaces resource, and various furniture showroom decorators, you build a relationship of creativity and trust with our design team.

During the construction phase, we maintain ongoing communication with your contractor to ensure everything correlates to our design vision. This is not only helpful to you, but also to the construction team. They know exactly who to call, rather than trying to figure out who supplied what, when an issue or question arises.

We not only make sure that the products selected are on-site when needed, we handle installation of furnishings, artwork, draperies, and accessories once the construction phase is finished.

This gives our clients comfort not having to worry about coordination, tracking down items, nor making design decisions and selections on the fly!


Our lead designer Rima started her career in the kitchen and bath industry. Over a decade of helping clients with the more permanent selections involved in remodeling (tile, cabinetry, countertops, etc.) helped her realize her clients’ most pressing needs — an agile design advocate who’s looking at the big picture.

She fosters our team’s passion for helping clients solve their needs with furnishings, accessories and finishing touches that come after a renovation is complete.

TEW Design Studio has succeeded with award-winning design and remodeling expertise by helping clients with an artful approach to the process — from selections to furniture installation to styling and beyond. Helping you finish the look of your space brings out your family’s personality and adds a welcoming warmth.


We’d love to help you resolve those pesky design quirks that you’ve been pondering. Let’s discuss your home’s possibilities!


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