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TEWelve Days of Holiday Design

On the First Day of Design, TEW presents to you: One Funky Sculpture in a Jungle of Leaves. (Masquerading as our partridge in a pair tree.)


Do you get overwhelmed by the holidays? Tell us about it!

Design Tip 1: Use your surroundings. There’s no need to change or add anything. We love putting ornaments and lights on our house plants. It makes them look happy and jolly!

And that’s just the right amount of festive. Shout-out for the cool bird by Asheville’s BlueFire Studio.


On the Second Day of Design, we present to you: TEW’s Colorful Tree. Two turtle doves included! 

Design Tip 2: When traditional red holiday decor doesn’t really compliment your interior, go outside the box! Our tree is decked in pink, apple green, and teal ornaments, among other colors that pop. The colorful star on top reminds us of our grandparents’ star growing up. Personalization is a must!


On the Third Day of Design, TEW presents to you: “Extreme Aviation” on Maho Beach… instead of three French hens.

Design Tip 3: Personalize! Collecting ornaments that have special meanings and memories is the best part. This one Rima and her husband brought back from their honeymoon in St. Maarten. Maho Beach was a blast!  Get it?


On the Forth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: Christmas Calling Birds in Unexpected Places.

Design Tip 4: Subtle, simple decorations make a room (and a holiday). The sun rays sneak in and gently wake the plants in one of Rima’s favorite rooms. Here she added festive pillows and small decorations to the shelves, and added ornaments to plants and other wall elements.


On the Fifth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: One Golden Wreath.

Design Tip 5: You may, indeed, move your everyday decorations to highlight something new for the holidays. While the Christmas tree is the main event, it’s fun adding subtle elements in unexpected places. Here, Rima swapped out a painting for a simple golden wreath at her home’s entrance. We love minimalism.


On the Sixth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: Solar System Swaying.

Design Tip 6: Themed nooks and crannies are a great way to show your personality around the holidays. They’re also a great conversation piece. Here, Rima highlights her “cosmic corner.” Starting with a LEGO Saturn V Rocket, and the Women of NASA set, a complete set of planetary ornaments, and a Kylo Ren helmet disguised as Santa, this nook totally describes Rima and her husband, and their dogs, Jupiter and Carl Sagan.


On the Seventh Day of Design, TEW presents to you: A Gaggle of Reindeer Grinning.

Design Tip 7: Get sentimental! There’s so much emotion tied up in the holidays that it’s best to just embrace it. These three adorable reindeer were hand made by Rima’s grandfather-in-law. So very sweet!


On the Eighth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: A Couple Lambs A-Staring.

Design Tip 8: Support a cause with your design choices! Christmas is all about giving and there’s nothing more joyful than supporting a great cause. Hand-made in the West Bank, these special little natural wool figures were made by a group that employs handicapped Palestinians in Bethlehem. Our founder, Rima, is Palestinian, so these are dear to her. Rima will be celebrating New Year’s in Bethlehem this year, and cannot wait to bring home more cool little trinkets!


On the Ninth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: One Fragile Lamp Dancing.


Design Tip 9: Keep it fun! EVERYONE comments on Rima’s leg lamp. She even gets notes from postal delivery people. It’s a great conversation starter and a fun addition to the dining room. “Fra-gee-lay” …it must be Italian!


On the Tenth Day of Christmas, TEW presents to you: Storms a-Skating.


Design Tip 10: Stay local! Whether it’s sports teams, artists, or makers, we always add a local flair to our Christmas.


On the Eleventh Day of Design, TEW presents to you: One Piper Piping.

Design Tip 11: Don’t forget to focus on your mantle! Even if it’s not a traditional mantle, a fireplace is a great opportunity to get creative.


On the Twelfth Day of Design, TEW presents to you: Christmas Music Blasting.


Design Tip 12: Play with asymmetry! Creating an interesting element that’s unique to your space is a great way to add some personality. Asymmetry can be interesting and fun during the holidays.

That concludes our TEWelve Days of Design… for those of you who’ve been blasting Christmas music all week, we leave you with a Christmas ditty:

And so this is Christmas;
We hope you have fun;
The near and the dear one;
Thanks for following along!

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