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TEW supports Gather Good Watermelon Fest charity event

Gather Good raised $70,000 recently when more than 1,200 participants united for the inaugural Watermelon Fest 5K in Cary, N.C. Each runners’ bib had the name of a child under 2 years old that was killed since October 2023. It was a healing event for many of us who have helplessly watched horrific events unfold over the past 8 months.

We are honored to be key supporters of Gather Good, a Raleigh-based nonprofit founded on the principles of unity, positivity, and growth. Its mission is to galvanize our community and promote meaningful ways to help Palestinians in need. The 5K event raised money to meet the urgent needs of individuals in Gaza for medical care, supplies, rehabilitation, and ensuring safety. Organizers are partnering with HEAL Palestine to provide essential support to mothers and children in Gaza.

If you’d like to learn more, Gather Good convenes at the N.C. Museum of Art every Sunday for walks/runs and creative activities. Check out their Instagram page.

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