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Our 2021 Interior Design Trends

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to 2021, especially when it comes to interior design. After last year required us to spend more time where we dwell, many of us have thought about taking the opportunity to bring fresh feels and comfort to our spaces. From natural materials to organic and geometric shapes, we’re presenting you with some of the upcoming interior design trends for 2021.

Going natural everywhere you desire


While materials like rattan and wicker are popular favorites of bohemian and outdoor design, we’re starting to see a mix of those elements in other design styles. These natural materials offer an introduction to texture as well as bringing that airy, light and bright feel to a space. Demand for sustainable materials is at an all-time high, and some mid-century favorites have returned to popularity. Natural materials are being showcased in rattan island pendants, jute rugs, and caned furniture pieces such as sideboards and consoles.

Injecting color into your space


This is the year to push your color to the limit and break your colorless boundaries! We’re seeing warm earthy tones, deep ocean blues, forest greens, and mustard yellows being combined into one unique space. If you’re still living your life in neutral and not ready to bring on the color just yet, pops of colors are still going strong. They’re featured in bold and vibrant accent furniture, statement lighting, and much more. Ask us how you can make home life pop.

Playing with organic & geometric shapes


Like pops of color, geometric patterns are still going strong, but now they’re being paired with soft, arched lines and organic shapes. This duo is being showcased in wall murals, light fixtures, and art prints. However, the showstopper to pay attention to has been curved backed sofas and organically shaped coffee and side tables. Let’s do this!

Finishing touches with nature


Decorative elements such as wallpaper, prints, and throw pillows have gravitated toward images of nature. From tropical motifs to vibrant floral prints and foliage, these images are increasingly appearing in home and commercial interiors. Decorating with plants and greenery hasn’t lost its relevance, either. Incorporating plant décor cleanses the air of your space and can increase your mood and well-being. Let’s not forget, it also adds color and interest to an otherwise empty corner, as well.

Embracing the beauty of wood


Designers are embracing wood more than ever from home décor to wood countertops. Natural wood brings nature’s texture to any space. It brings warmth and personality and can even tie a room all together. We’re seeing the return of exposed wood ceiling beams as well as continued prominence of beautiful live edge tables and stools. The pandemic has us going back to the basics. Going natural and sustainable with wood has, and will continue to be, a strong design trend for years to come.

Emphasizing the outdoors in your life


The past year has forced us to think of alternative ways to entertain while social–distancing. Outdoor living at home is getting much more love with beautiful and unique new furniture options. Meanwhile, commercial spaces are getting creative with more functional outdoor seating as well as unique entertainment spaces. Balconies, rooftop decks, and backyards are transforming into year-round, cozy outdoor escapes with the help of outdoor fireplaces, exciting and sustainable outdoor furniture options, as well as fun and bright outdoor décor!

What are your favorite trends for the year? Drop us a line and share your thoughts, hopes and wishes for the year! We’d love to hear from you.

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