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Magnifying Mid-Century Mod

By embracing unique architectural elements, we preserved this home’s original charm and helped the homeowners achieve a fresh and cozy mid-century mod family room.

Modern design is a way of life. Some families yearn to replicate mod ’60s in their contemporary home. Others are already blessed with good bones and just need expert guidance to bring out their home’s natural beauty. In this case, a one-of-a-kind space became a cost-effective, fun family room!


Project Challenge

The family room is the heart of this home. We knew we wanted to focus on ample seating since the homeowners often entertain friends and family. New furniture and a more functional layout allows the character of the space to become more fun for lounging and enjoying indoor/outdoor living with their spacious patio.


Unique Features

If you hadn’t noticed… that’s original terrazzo flooring. Yeah, we didn’t dream of replacing it. Remember those “good bones” we mentioned? In some homes you can’t replicate your way into this mod.

Our goal was to accent with color and beautiful treasures with character that complement the mid-century architecture and uplift this unique floor.


By now we hear you saying, “Whoa, what about all that wood paneling?”

It’s no secret that paneling doesn’t get much love these days. Most people’s first instinct is to paint them. To that we respond, “Say what?!”

In this case, the wood is so important to the design character of the home. It had to stay. Because, well, back to that point about some homes being born mod. You can’t imitate this kind of character in newly built suburban tract housing, that’s for sure. And with a great deal of natural light potential, it was important to work with the paneling, not against it. See our design concepts here.


Because the original wood paneling continues throughout the entire room, it may feel overwhelming at first. Yet, it’s an organic warmth that’s uniquely natural. Here it’s highlighted with a pitched ceiling to bring your eye up.

A graphic rug complements linear details of the space. Pops of warm colors balance with a cool palette of textiles to help ground the room and enable the sitting areas to exist naturally as focal points. Abstract art offers a featured contrast to the walls.

Using splashes of color gave this family room life. The result is an uplifting living space the whole family can enjoy.


Are you ready to accentuate your home’s good bones? Or, maybe you just need to start fresh. We’d enjoy hearing your challenges, and we’re here to help with a complimentary consultation special this month.


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