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Kitchen Bath trends 2023 with TEW Design Studio

Kitchen & Bath Trends in 2023

Janae and Stephanie from the TEWcrew ventured west to attend this year’s hottest kitchen and bath design event. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is an annual celebration of current trends, industry intelligence as well as new product and materials showcases. The show holds a special appeal for designers as inspiration for the next generation of home remodeling trends.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) hosts the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. Which means, you know it’s one big design extravaganza. This year’s show was among the most successful in its 60-year history. Here’s what we saw

DON’t be afraid of COLOR

Vibrant hues of color are at the forefront of everything we experienced at the show. There was no space for neutrals. Instead, manufacturers showcased rainbow-inspired, pastel vignettes juxtaposed to bold jewel tones. It was invigorating to see such bold moves! We’re very excited to bring this inspiration back to North Carolina.


One featured design element at the show was the use of concrete in residential kitchen and bath configurations. We’re curious to keep an eye on how often concrete is used in home designs. From vibrant vessel sinks to entire soaking tubs made of concrete, we absolutely love seeing the attention this material is receiving.

Another concrete material trend for interior designers and manufacturers is the return of terrazzo. After all, the honed finish and feel of terrazzo is unmatched. We’re very excited to see it making a comeback in the design world!


Mixing metals is not new to us, and therefore it was a delight to see it more frequently in vignettes throughout the show. We think of the metal finishes in home design as a place to explore and challenge our comfort zones. For instance, cabinet hardware, appliance pulls, and light fixtures are great places to start. Similarly, it’s important to create contrast when mixing finishes, which results in a space that feels even more unique.

It was refreshing to see manufacturers step away from neutrals and the more traditional fixtures and appliances to embrace bolder concepts. It’s time to bring the fun back to fun-ctional design.

Janae Alston

bring mother nature inside with GREENERY

As kitchen and bath design specialists, everyone at TEW Design Studio loves seeing all the layering of greenery and plants incorporated in what are normally very geometric and organized spaces. Adding visual texture by using organic materials is one of our favorite things to do.



Everyone on the TEWcrew is no stranger to color, and it was a treat to see how much it was celebrated by the world’s leading manufacturers. There’s so much to take in at the kitchen and bath show that photos don’t do it justice. We look forward to meeting with you to share the latest examples.


This event is truly considered the kitchen and bath design showcase of the year. Check out these stats:

  • 40,091 Attendees
  • 500 Exhibitors
  • 148 International Exhibitors
  • 394,930 Square Feet Exhibit Hall

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and is held as part of Design & Construction Week, which takes over the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is North America’s largest annual gathering of residential construction and interior design industry professionals.

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