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Interior design takes advantage of Lake Gaston view

The homeowners wanted to make a dramatic statement in their great room to personalize it to their tastes with more livable features. Throughout the house they wanted to work within the existing layout to preserve as much as possible. A 20-foot tall fireplace surround was refinished to create a dramatic statement that integrates with the space without overwhelming the lake view. The end result features a neutral palette to frame an exceptional view and create a more livable space for family to enjoy.

TEW interior design Raleigh

The Challenge: A More Livable Interior

Purchasing an existing home comes with it the inherent design choices of previous homeowners. This residence on beautiful Lake Gaston featured good bones and few interior quirks that needed to be reconsidered. Our client homeowners wanted to personalize it to their tastes.

Criteria included working within the existing layout to preserve and avoid tear outs as well as work within budget for all furnishings, materials, fixtures and accessories. Flooring and other surfaces needed to be refinished and repainted rather than replaced.

The Solution: More Intentional Design

A 20-foot tall fireplace surround with wood paneling offered the opportunity to create a drama wall. Our solution enabled it to integrate with the space rather than overwhelm it and detract from an exceptional view of the lake. Being more intentional with furnishing selections, and refinishing surfaces with a more neutral palette, created a seamless look to maximize the view of the lake.

With the fireplace situated on such a grand wall, it was key to make sure the TV could be positioned with all wires hidden and blend well with the material. With the primary objective to reuse and not replace, the fireplace surround wood panels were sanded and refinished onsite. Removal of decorative columns required refinishing flooring to create a seamless look.

Improved Functionality & Livability

We were able to personalize this space to the homeowners’ tastes and improve its functionality as a space for entertaining. The view of the lake became a focal point with a more neutral palette of wallcoverings, furnishings and accessories indoors. Selections included very flexible seating such as swivel chairs that function nicely when faced internally or to take advantage of the lake view, as well as new lighting, hardware and other fixtures.

TEW interior design Raleigh

The end result is more balanced, both for the family’s enjoyment and to be more conducive to entertaining. We were able to work within the existing framework to preserve as much as possible while improving the great room’s comfort and functionality. Ultimately, we created a space of great value that frames the view of the lake. View additional photos from this project in our portfolio.

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