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How to Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can bring a lot of personality to an otherwise large, empty wall, or an odd corner. It’s a great opportunity to add family photos, travel adventures, or interesting art to your home.

Conversely, it’s also a chance to make your walls look cluttered and messy! We’ve heard from many of you that it can be overwhelming to plan and figure out where to start. So, we’re here to help with one of your most popular requests. Here are some tips ‘n tricks on how to keep your gallery wall looking classy, fun… and neat!

Pick your wall and plan ahead

Make that plan, plan, plan! Gallery wall success starts with taking the time to map out your vision. Gather all your artwork and use Kraft paper to make mock ups of the same size. This should help you experiment with different positions and layouts that are to scale. This is the most important step, so take your time! Here’s a sports fanatic gallery corner we designed.

Choosing your art

Define your goal for this wall and space and choose your artwork wisely. Is it family photos? Will it be travel adventures? Sports memorabilia? An assortment of artwork that you’ve collected over the years? Or, is it a mix of all these things?


Because this can get busy in a hurry, we suggest thinking of ways to unify all the items. A simple tip is to put each photo in the same frame color and style, or perhaps doing all black and white photos. In the example above, the staircase featured busy wallpaper. By unifying the photos as all black-and-white, with white frames, we successfully created visual balance and an appealing stairway flow.

Create contrast

Consider the color of your wall and aim for creating contrast with your gallery install. If you have a dark background, consider doing shiny metals or light art. If your wall is more neutral like a white or gray, adding darker or more colorful art will make your wall stand out.

Create balance

Using uniformity and symmetry creates balance. If your design has neither, fear not. You could play with balancing colors and spreading out your art so not all loud colors are confined to one side.

These are just a few tips on how to create a gallery wall, and they’ll get you on your way to making your vision happen.

If your interior isn’t what you’ve always wanted, we’re here to help. We’d be honored to solve those pesky design challenges with you. Reach us through email or by phone: (919) 803-2008.

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