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Elevate Your Space

Finishing details make the difference

This week’s design insights show you how thoughtful design elements make a big difference. See our latest before/after below, which demonstrates a few cost-effective ways we can help you elevate your space.

To begin, our clients had their furnishings before they reached out to us, yet knew they needed help in bringing cohesion to their living space. We helped each room come to life with finishing details special to the homeowners.


The foyer boasts a two-story ceiling with decorative millwork. The space needed some color and texture to give it some personality and bring the distinct design elements all together.

By adding large abstract art, unique planters, and a new chandelier, this foyer now welcomes the family home and invites guests in with style and sophistication.

Family room

With a beautiful home to start with, our client sought help with some key details in each room to give the residence more warmth and comfort.

In the living room, they struggled to find use for the two nooks flanking the fireplace. The family wanted the solution to be unique, yet functional.

We designed custom built-ins featuring LED strip lighting behind frosted glass to give off a warm glow whenever illuminated. Metal inserts as cabinetry doors not only look beautiful, they also function to allow air flow to the A/V equipment hidden away.

Enclosed porch

The porch space attached to the family room needed some personality. We knew we wanted to continue the serene color palette with color pops for impact. Simply adding throw pillows, a new rug, and a few fun potted plants transformed this living space in no time.

Powder room

The family’s powder room was functional but lacked charm. The first step was to add beautiful geometric wallpaper. Then we replaced the vanity light fixture to accentuate gold details in the wallpaper. A graphic rug added texture, while the commissioned custom artwork brought the space together. A few changes elevated this powder room to a guest must-see.

Prayer room

In a very personal space, each design decision offers opportunities for detailed finishes that represent the homeowners’ needs. In this case, cabinetry was customized with features specific to the room. LED lighting adds a soft glow to textured wallpaper, which has been framed to integrate with the cabinet base. The cabinetry height accommodates the importance of interacting with spiritual artifacts upon kneeling. A ceiling light fixture illuminates the space, and a double glass door entrance gives it special, formal appearance.

Dining room

Oftentimes, just the right artwork is what’s missing from your walls. You can see how the space looked before. Adding abstract art, a textured table runner, and a pop of color with the vases, shifted this dining room from basic to sophisticated.

The result is more cohesive interior design and a residence they feel excited to come home to.

Perhaps your home needs a few finishing details? Let’s talk about what will make you happy at home!

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