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Here’s What’s In – Design Trends 2019

The latest trends from our trips to this year’s hottest design shows both domestically and abroad. The 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas and Paris Design Week 2019 Maison et Objet both hold special appeal as inspiration for the next generation of trends. Here’s what we saw.

Greens, cobalt blues, mustard yellows and soft pinks dominated many display booths. Warm neutrals combine with bold hues of ocean blue, royal purple, teal, orange and more.

Geometric patterns are still going strong, featured in metals, natural stones, lighting and more. Soft, arched lines dominate the furniture styles where round and rotund is the way to live. Even glass and fixtures with smooth finishes make use of spheres and symmetrical lines.

Everywhere we turned we couldn’t help but notice the use of bold patterns with highly contrasting colors. Plus, lots of metals! Today’s lighting trends make use of color and patterns to create focal points that not only illuminate but dazzle with style. Designs featuring marble and other natural stones often made use of geometric patterns set off to create drama.

Metals remain a fixture in home trends, with golden warm and brushed finishes still shining on the scene. Polished metals are coming on strong, but not a return to ’90s big box suburbia brass. Warmer hues of brass finishes dominate.

The trim trend of our time is a flirty touch of fringe. We saw furniture, light fixtures, mirrors and more with colorful fab fibers. No longer reserved just for pillows and rugs, the furnishings in Paris definitely made fringe a focal point.

The healthiest trend in decorating is the continued use of plants and greenery. One of our favorite design tips! We love seeing the continued use of flora, vines and greenery to not only add color but vitality to our living spaces.

The custom craze includes bespoke rugs designed to suit. There’s no need for off-the-shelf when we can design our rugs to embody our personality.

Both Maison et Objet and K-BIS never seem to disappoint. You’ll likely see these trends online and on the pages of magazines over the next few years.

Reach out to us to discuss the latest design trends, and how they can be implemented in your home.

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