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Cary, NC home interior TEW Design Studio

Cary home interior receives timeless update

For this Cary, N.C. home interior, clients reached out to us to design four spaces with new furnishings, art, and accessories. We established a vision for their home that creates a lived-in, timeless look by balancing colorful accents and textures.

The walls in the foyer were already a shade of green that carried up the staircase and through to the great room. The family wanted to avoid painting every room, so we suggested making this green an intentional part of the entry. By painting the doors and trim the same color, it created a dramatic impact with a sophisticated and cohesive look upon entering.

Dining Room Design Update

In the dining room, we chose to tone down the existing traditional elements and create a moody vibe. We used some of their existing furniture and added new pieces that would better serve their lifestyle. A beautiful wallpaper pattern provides soft movement, and the trim and ceiling were painted a dark blue-gray to add contrast.

The family was unsure whether to keep the existing ceiling medallion. Yet, embracing existing elements like this can add character to a space, so we painted it the same moody color as the ceiling. The furnishings offer simple lines with soft curves for a cozy feel, while a textured rug adds warmth to the dining space.

Office Design Update

Previously, the study was a plain beige box with a corner desk. Our clients envisioned adding a fireplace, so we designed it in a way that made sense and looked intentional. By adding built-ins around the fireplace, the dramatic transformation of the wall also made it more functional and balanced the space.

To add visual interest, we installed wallpaper on the ceiling and added an oversized light fixture to make a statement and draw the eye up. New furnishings add texture and color, and we did play with different layouts, but decided this was the best use of space. Adding wood French doors created the privacy needed, but still let light in.

Bathroom Design Update

The powder room also received attention, benefitting from a dramatic color palette with wallpaper that adds a lot of movement, and dark geometric tile to ground the space.

Details in the wall sconces and the sink make a statement while balancing beauty and function. We used our clients existing artwork to add a personal touch and finish off the space.

We’re excited to share how this Cary home interior was transformed by marrying our interior design ideas with cherished family artifacts. We’re here to help, if you have any questions.

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