Commercial Interior Design
Raleigh and Durham

In recent years commercial interior design has risen to the forefront of consumers' minds as they enjoy their favorite places to shop, dine and drink. The need for commercial interior design can include many different commercial establishments, such as retail space, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Commercial interior design is distinct from residential design with key objectives: to create spaces that are functional, efficient and welcoming to customers and employees. A workplace for employees to enjoy success. Space where customers feel comfortable, that is inviting, safe and efficient for business transactions. Often commercial space is a home away from home for entertainment and visually appealing designs and furnishings.

The use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials during construction is important to TEW Design Studio. For most commercial building projects, advanced lighting technology is a priority, as is customizing the most efficient storage solutions, spatial layout for traffic flow, and employee interaction with guests. Undoubtedly, commercial interior design plays an important role in business success.

How can TEW Design Studio transform your commercial space
in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and elsewhere around the Triangle?

Our team of commercial design experts listen closely to your ideas for your business’ needs. We then conceptualize design strategies that integrate those ideas into your retail, office or other commercial space in order to provide you with the most functional and attractive interior that conveys your desired brand. We use various design tools and software to create a visual representation of those ideas.

Every corner and every niche becomes important to achieve your desired brand atmosphere. The use of color is not arbitrary and the right hue is studied in order to allow furnishing to integrate with other surroundings, while accents grab your attention. By illuminating various high-traffic areas with the most appealing fixtures, your space will be visually inspiring. A strategic and cohesive space can dramatically change the appearance of your business, making it a more attractive workplace and gathering space.

What does the commercial design process entail?

Our interior design professionals have advanced training in commercial design. An overview of the process begins by working with you in the conceptual and planning stages to understand your business goals.

We partner with you to review the proposed spaces, and your needs, to establish the scope of your needs for layout of each area. TEW Design Studio’s commercial designers take precise measurements of your space that result in site drawings with design specifications.

Our next step in commercial interior design is to use these specifications to create layouts and establish a plan for materials selections, equipment, fixtures and furniture that embody your business' brand. Once approved, this stage is followed by procurement, delivery and installation. We take pride in handling your needs from start to finish and enjoy installation day as we perfect the look of your new space.

Phases of Interior Design

Project Designs

In the first phase, once our team has gathered all the information for your project, we will present you with drawings and schematics that detail all construction activities. If you approve, these will be used to work with you to understand your need for furniture, fixtures, mechanical and other elements within the space. The drawings are also a starting point for the process of selecting materials and finishes for your commercial space.

In cases where the commercial space already exists but you're considering an expansion or remodel, our commercial interior design team will work with you to create a strategic plan for your layout. We take advantage of existing elements you might wish to keep and integrate them into all new project designs.

Project Development

Our designers will make sure all applicable construction code requirements are met and all safety requirements are incorporated into each phase of the project. Throughout the process, TEW design team members will work with you to navigate the permitting and approval process. We walk you through design decisions, making necessary adjustments to ensure your needs are met at each stage. Our goal is to make sure your customers and clients are captivated by the results and your new space is one in which employees and customers fall in love with your brand.

Elevating Your Space

There are numerous options for commercial interior design in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and surrounding Triangle communities. TEW Design Studio prides itself in our personal touch during each stage of the process to achieve your dream space. From initial concepts to final design, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and approval. At the same time, all permits, endorsements and material requisitions will be managed by a professional team so that delivery and installation is seamless. Once your project is complete, all equipment has been assembled, and all furniture has been installed, you'll enjoy seeing your vision become a reality.

Commercial Interior Design
Does TEW Design Studio work with architects and general contractors?

Yes, we often do. Frequently a business owner will approach us to handle interior design for their commercial space, salon, restaurant, office, and so forth. Yet, as a full-service interior design firm, we often partner with architects and general contractors to offer top-of-the-line creativity with exceptional value. We seamlessly mesh with existing teams to offer their clients professional consulting services, space planning, and project management as interior workplaces are conceptualized, renovated, or built from the ground up.

Our willingness to work with commercial contractors, architects and real estate brokers enables us to provide outstanding customer service in partnership with their business.

TEW Design Studio:
Award-winning Commercial Design in Raleigh, Durham & Across N.C.

At TEW Design Studio, we understand that commercial interior design plays a fundamental role in the success of any business. Our designers are experts at visualizing commercial spaces for all types of businesses. We have a successful track record in transforming spaces as varied as restaurants, cafes and retails spaces, corporate offices, medical offices, dental practices, spas, retail stores, salons, and more.

Every business has distinctive design needs for customer access, employee happiness, functionality, all while elevating your company’s brand and style. Our commercial designers know how to translate your vision in both form and function. We know the importance you place in engaging your staff and customers. Let's work together to elevate your space.