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Interior design tips for pet owners TEW Design Studio
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Interior Design Tips for Pet Owners

For our many clients who have furry family members, we take special care with interior design ideas that cater to their needs. As creative designers who are also pet families, we want to make sure we use pet-friendly materials and elements throughout the spaces we design. Here are five design tips to keep in mind […]

Creativity in interior design
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Go Solo Interviews Rima About Creativity In Interior Design

For those interested in starting their own entrepreneurial journey, Go Solo recently spoke with Rima Nasser about what it was like to start her business. She also touches on the importance of trust, taking risks, and why creativity is so important in interior design.

Kitchen Bath trends 2023 with TEW Design Studio
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Kitchen & Bath Trends in 2023

Janae and Stephanie from the TEWcrew ventured west to attend this year’s hottest kitchen and bath design event. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is an annual celebration of current trends, industry intelligence as well as new product and materials showcases. The show holds a special appeal for designers as inspiration for the next […]

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CanvasRebel interviews Rima Nasser about diversity in interior design

The lifestyle publication CanvasRebel offers artists, creatives and entrepreneurs opportunities to learn from their peers through storytelling. Here’s an excerpt from their recent interview with Rima in which she touches on the importance of diversity in interior design: One of the key things I’ve noticed is the amount of sameness and lack of diversity in […]

Chapel Hill modern interior update - TEW Design Studio
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Chapel Hill home interior receives modern kitchen update

We’re honoring Stephanie’s third year anniversary with the TEWcrew by showcasing one of her latest projects designed in collaboration with Rima. This home on the Chapel Hill – Carrboro, North Carolina border was bursting with potential. The result is a modern kitchen update with a neutral color palette and minimalist design approach. The homeowners expressed […]

Mid-March 2023 - Kitchen updates
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Follow along on this Cary home remodel

See how we progress on this first floor remodel in the Regency Park Estates neighborhood of Cary, N.C. We’ve mentioned in the past how the interior design and home renovation process is a journey with many twists and turns. It seems the moment one industry “catches up” on their supply crunch, a different industry struggles […]

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